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Man know thyself

Man know thyself

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1st Plenary Speaker Prof Oladapo A Ashiru OFR MBBS, MS, PHD, HCLD/CC(ABB-USA), FASN, FNSEM at the 18th Conference of the Anatomical Society of Nigeria- Feb 1st 2023

“Man know thyself,” and the healing power will be granted: Prof Oladapo A Ashiru in his presentation explained how medical science helps to achieve the fruit of the womb.

He eplained that today owing to recent technological and medical advancements, couples with infertility can have their babies, and those who are carriers of the sickle gene can have healthy babies by the technique of Pre-Implantation Genetic diagnosis (PGD) and those with various types of toxins standing in their way of conception can now have their bundles of joy.


Click below to download the presentation


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