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Volume 10, Number 1, Year 2019

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Body adiposity measures and the ratio of the second-to-fourth digit (2D:4D) of the hand is documented to exhibit strong relationship with cardio-metabolic risk factors (CMRF). High blood pressure is a hall mark of CMRF. Globally, the predictors of CMRF do not demonstrate universal validity across ...

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Male reproductive capacity continues to be adversely affected by environmental, industrial and pharmaceutical toxins. The producing power of sperm cells in the testis and the sperm modification activities in the epididymis are fundamental in establishing male capacity to reproduce itself. Medicina...

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Acute pancreatitis has been reported during and after malaria treatment. This study characterized the effects of six artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) on the blood glucose, pancreas histology and insulin immunolocalization in a curative malaria model. Forty male Swiss adult mice were ...

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The histological and immunohistochemical assessment of the effects of co-administration of Allium sativum ethanolic extract and Vitamin C on the medial prefrontal cortex of mercuric chloride induced neurotoxicity model Wistar rats was investigated. Thirty-five adult Wistar rats weighing 150 - 180 ...

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Eze GI, Akonoafua KA and Afimoni EE

Effects of Energy Drinks on the Heart and Blood Vessels

There are a myriad of energy drink brands and this depicts both their popularity and the size of the available market. However, numerous adverse effects have come to be associated with their consumption. This study was carried out to investigate the effects of the consumption of energy drinks on t...

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Osaat, RS., Didia, BC., Osunwoke, AE., Amadi, PN

C-Line Termination of Autistic Subjects in Nigeria

C-line termination patterns have been found to be of great importance in population studies. However, recent studies also revealed its usefulness in the diagnosis of some genetic diseases. This study aimed at evaluating the C-line termination patterns of autistic subjects in Nigeria as compared wi...

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Dermatoglyphic studied epidermal configurations on the fingers and palms of the hands; the toes and the soles of the feet. Once these skin ridges are formed in the mother's womb, remain persistent until decomposition in the tomb. This study therefore, aimed at analyzing the qualitative dermatoglyp...

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Okoseimiema SC, Morgan AO and David LK

Radiological Morphometry of Adult Clavicle in Rivers State

This work was carried out to determine the average length and mid shaft diameter of the clavicle; to determine the correlation between the Clavicular length and mid shaft diameter of the clavicle on both right and left sides of the clavicle of adults in Rivers State. This work also seeks to establ...

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