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About JAS

The Journal of Anatomical Sciences is the official journal of the Anatomical Society of Nigeria and publishes original research articles dealing with morphological sciences in all vertebrates. The journal is open to original papers from fields of anatomy, topographic and clinical anatomy, developmental biology, reproductive biology, the neurosciences, histochemistry and cytochemistry, ultrastructure, teratology, anthropology and growth studies. Research dealing with various aspects of the microscopic and the submicroscopical organization of biological structures, including reports from fields of comparative and experimental cell and tissue research will also be considered.

In addition, papers in any of the following fields can be submitted for review: molecular, cellular, histological and histochemical studies on normal and experimental animals. Functional morphological, bio-chemical, physiological and behavioral studies will be considered if they include morphological analysis. Reports on techniques applicable to the above fields will also be considered. Occasional reviews on subjects selected by the editors will be published. The journal will also publish all edited proceedings and reports of the annual general meeting of the Anatomical Society of Nigeria, as well as miscellaneous notices, circulars and information approved by the editorial board.