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E.J. Olotu


The current issue of the Journal of Anatomical Sciences (Volume 13 Number 1) has 33 peer-reviewed research articles. This issue promises a rich array of articles that indeed speaks to the evolutionary trend and diversity we are witnessing in the field of Anatomical Sciences.

There are articles from research in Histology, Burns, and treatment, Dermatoglyphics, Anthropology Anthropometry& Morphology, Neuroanatomy, and workplace safety.

On behalf of the Editorial Team of the Journal of Anatomical Sciences, I appreciate all the Authors who trusted us with handling and publishing their research findings thus using JAS as a vehicle for disseminating their findings. I will not forget to thank all our reviewers immensely for their sacrifices and willingness to continue to support the journal.

As we look forward to the next ASN Conference coming up in Oye Ekiti (FUOYE 2022), it is my prayer that all shall normalize in the University system, making research possible and thereby availing us the privilege to publish your next findings.

Lastly, I encourage our valued subscribers and authors to keep patronizing our journal as they are assured of quality services.

Joy E. Olotu, (Ph. D)
March 2022.


National President Prof. B.U. Enaibe
Vice President Prof. G.S. Oladipo
Secretary General Dr. D.S. Amaza
Assistance Secretary Dr. A.O. Adekeye
Treasurer Dr. S.S. Bello
Financial Secretary Dr. E.A. Osunwoke
Editor-in-Chief (JAS) Dr. E.J. Olotu
Ex-Officio Dr. O.A. Ayannuga

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