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Morphometric Dimensions of Malleus in Male Cadavers

Godson KP, Osunwoke EA and Gwunireama IU

Morphometric Dimensions of Malleus in Male Cadavers

The auditory ossicles; malleus, incus and stapes transfer sound vibrations in the tympanic membrane from the middle ear to the inner ear. These ossicles are located in the petrous part of the temporal bone and they form a chain across the tympanic cavity from tympanic membrane. This study is aimed at providing the anatomical details of the malleus in Nigerian male Population. The study was carried out on 94 Malleus (R= 44, L=50), which were collected from 57 adult male cadavers. The various measurements parameters were taken with the help of digital Vernier caliper and weighed with Mettler Toledo weighing balance. The result showed no statistical significant difference (p > 0.05) between morphometric measurements of the bone of right and left side. The mean weight of the malleus was 22.05mg, the mean total length was 8.05mm, mean length of the manubrium was 4.95mm and the mean of head and neck was 5.00mm. The precise measurements of the malleus among male Nigerian Population will be very helpful in designing the prosthesis in ossiculoplasty in Nigeria.

Key Words: Malleus, Otology, Measurements

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