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Dermatoglyphic Pattern of the Left Hand of Annang Ethnic Group in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Umoh NM, Bassey IF, Eru EM, Anani SE, Akpaso MI, Uruakpa KC and Oku ME

Dermatoglyphic Pattern of the Left Hand of Annang Ethnic Group in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Anthropometry of the digits, palms and feet provides data that reveals the relative distribution of dermal ridge among people in different geographical zone. Dermatoglyphic pattern of the left hand of Annang ethnic group in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria was carried out to provide dermatoglyphic informations and interrelationship existing among this ethnic group. Two hundred indigenes of Annang ethnic group of Akwa Ibom State without hand deformity were chosen for this study. Lipstick method was employed by the researcher; the following materials were used; magnifying glass, lipstick, plain white paper, masking tape and table. The lipstick was applied on the entire finger of the subjects, then the sheet of white plain paper was placed on the stable surface, the subject were asked to place their hands on the white duplicating paper which leaves the fingerprint of subject on the paper. The prints were screened with the aid of a magnifying glass. The fingerprints analyzed using chi-square as statistical tool were plain arch, tented arch, ulnar loop, radial loop, plain whorl, double loop whorl, concentric whorl pattern. The results showed the following pattern frequency distribution at P<0.05, plain arch (PA) had 15.1%, Tented arch had a pattern distribution of 1.5%, ulnar loop (UL) had 45.4% pattern distribution, Radial loop (RL) had 2.5%, plain Whorl (PW) had 32.7% pattern distribution, Double Loop Whorl (DLW) with 2.2%. The results of the left hand digital dermatoglyphics of Annang tribe revealed that ulnar loop have the highest percentage pattern distribution. In conclusion, the left finger prints of the Annang populace shows a common similarities existing among the Annang populace and hence the Annang populace are related and from a common origin.

Key Words: Anthropometry, Fingerprints, Annang Ethnic Group, Akwa Ibom State

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