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Angular Photometric Facial Analysis of the Adult Kalabari Females

Osunwoke EA, Orezimena E and Oyakhire MO

Angular Photometric Facial Analysis of the Adult Kalabari Females

Angular photometric analysis deals with the measurement of the soft tissues of the face using angular parameters. The morphology of the human face varies from person to person and more in populations and ethnic groups. The aim of this study is to determine the facial features and qualities of the adult Kalabari females using some facial angles from standardized facial profile photographs. Standardized profile photographic records were obtained from 84 adult Kalabari females in both frontal and lateral views in a natural head position (NHP) and analyzed using pro image analyzer. The average angular measurements for Nasofrontal, Nasolabial, Nasofacial, Nasomental and Mentocervical angles include; 138.680 + 0.730, 87.440 + 1.470, 29.310 + 0.350, 133.610 + 4.650, 96.590 + 8.550 respectively. These angles denotes that the adult Kalabari females possess a less prominent glabella, more prominent chin, slightly protruded lips and a flat and short nose which is the platyrrhine type of nose possessed by most black Africans. This data can serve potentially as a good foundation for successful facial reconstruction, in orthodontics and plastic surgeries.

Key Words: Angular, Photometric Facial Analysis, Adult Kalabari, Females

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