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Crural Index and its Possible use in Identification

Ebeye O. Abimbola

Crural Index and its Possible use in Identification

Allen's rule predicts that limbs are more elongated under warmer climates and shortened under colder ones. Crural index is assumed to vary from population to population and race to race due to climatic changes. This study seeks to establish crural index in the Urhobo people of Nigerians and see its possible use in identification. This cross sectional study comprised of 400 volunteer Urhobo subject 200 males and 200 females. The mean tibia length/ mean femur length multiplied by 100 gave crural index, which was 84.99% in males and 85.24% in females. These values are not different from other studies in African as well as in black Americans. This study therefore partially agrees with Allens rule. In conclusion, crural indices overlap among all race types. It should therefore not be used in identification although it has great application sport science.

Key Words: Identification, Crural index, Climate, limbs, Urhobo

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