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Ovarian Tumours- Clinicopathologic Features in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Nyengidiki TK, Oriji,VK and Mba A

Ovarian Tumours- Clinicopathologic Features in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Ovarian tumours continue to be one of the leading gynaecological conditions in Nigeria. These are associated with late presentation and poor outcome in the event of malignancy.To ascertain the prevalence, clinical and pathological features of ovarian tumours at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.A retrospective analysis of the clinical data from medical records over eight years was conducted. Data on the sociodemographic characteristics, clinical features and histological variants was collated and analyzed. The prevalence of ovarian tumours was 4.3%. Benign tumours constitute 79.6% of all ovarian tumours with physiological ovarian cysts being the commonest variety. Malignant tumours make up 19.3% of all ovarian tumours with mucinous cyst adenocarcinoma been the commonest (50%). Ovarian tumours are more with nulliparous patients and bilateralism is associated with malignancy (P=0.06,OR 3.54,95% CI 0.81-15.65). Most patients are asymptomatic but pelvic pain was the commonest presentation when symptomatic. Patients with abdominal swelling are more likely to have ascites (P=0.00) and abdominal mass was associated with pelvic pain (P=0.00). The ovarian tumours seen in the Port Harcourt are mainly benign. Most patients are asymptomatic, tumours are more in nulliparous women and bilateralism is suggestive of malignancy.

Key Words: ovarian tumours, clinicopathologic features, Port Harcourt

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