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Angular Facial Analysis of the Isoko Adults of Delta State, Nigeria

Osunwoke EA and Okah-Avae EP,

Angular Facial Analysis of the Isoko Adults of Delta State, Nigeria

Angular facial analysis is important in human identification and for use between populations. The aim of this study was to determine the facial norms of the Isoko people by using facial analysis. A total number of 180 subjects comprising 90 males and 90 females of Isoko origin were recruited for this study. Standardized lateral view photographs of subjects were taken in the natural head position and aesthetic facial angles which includes; nasofacial, nasofrontal. Nasomental, nasolabial and mentocervical angles were determined. Results showed that the mean values for the Isoko females were 137.30±0.71º, 30.3±0.41 º, 84.94 ±1.50º, 132.28±0.68º, 98.62±0.92º for nasofrontal, nasofacial, nasolabial and mentocervical angles respectively while for the males it was 133.42±1.89º, 30.85±0.34º, 83.53±1.21º, 130.60±0.51º, and 99.43±0.73º for nasofrontal, nasofacial, nasolabial, nasomental and mentocervical angles respectively. Significant difference was observed in the nasofrontal but all other measured parameters had no observed sexual dimorphism. In conclusion, facial angles are important features for identification and forensic investigation among populations.

Key Words: Angular facial analysis, Isoko Adults, Nigeria

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