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Radiogrammetric Analysis of the Proximal Portion of the Femur in Nigerian Population

Bob-Manuel IF, Didia BC and Udoaka AI

Radiogrammetric Analysis of the Proximal Portion of the Femur in Nigerian Population

Metric knowledge of the structural arrangement of the proximal os femora is an important tool in the design and development of implants of articulating bones of the coxal joint. The aim of this study was to provide baseline morphometric data of the upper extremity of the femur of Nigerian population. A total of 1,699 normal anteroposterior radiographs of the pelvis ofNigerians were used from Radiology Departments of selected hospitals in Nigeria. From the obtained radiographs, femoral neck axis length (FAL), femoral neck width (FW), femoral head width (HW), intertrochanteric width (TW), and femoral neck-femoral shaft angle (FNSA) were measured using goniometers and digital venier calipers. Results obtained showed that dissimilarities are present in the mean values ofthe measured parameters within and across populations. The mean±SEM value for FAL, FW, HW,TW, and FNSA are 108.30±0.47mm & 108.21±0.48mm, 37.75±0.22mm & 37.33±0.2lmm, 53.87±0.24mm & 53.74±0.22mm, 75.56±0.42mm & 75.72±0.43mm, 134.01±0.32° & 133.84±0.30° and 103.77±0.36mm & 103.78±0.41mm, 34.83±0.17mm & 35.09±0.17mm, 49.90±0.19mm & 49.84±0.20mm 71.65±0.32 & 71.11±0.32mm, and 132.38±0.31° & 131.96±0.26° for male left & right sides and female left & right sides respectively. Also, highly significant (p<0.01) differences in all measured parameters between males and females with males having higher values was observed. However, no significant statistical difference was found between right and left sides. This study concludes that Nigerian morphometric dimensions of the proximal os femora clearly varies from western standard depicting that the dimensions ofthe orthopaedic implants ofthe os femora currently available do not match with the os femora of Nigerian as they were made and designed using Caucasian values. We recommend therefore that makers of orthopaedic implants and screws should take revolutionary steps in making femoral orthopaedic implants to suit Nigerian need

Key Words: Proximal femoral morphometry, Orthopaedic implants and screws

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