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Radiographic Analysis of Clavicular Length Variations in Nigerian Population: Its Application and Importance

Ihunwo IW, Fawehimi HB, Olotu EJ, Bienonwu EO and Agi CE

Radiographic Analysis of Clavicular Length Variations in Nigerian Population: Its Application and Importance

The dependence of morphometric values of human parts is very obvious in the construction, replacement and treatment of affected body parts, be it bones or soft tissues. The purpose of this study is to radiologically analyze the clavicular length variation and to extensively evaluate its application. The length of clavicle and its variation were evaluated using a total of 600 (Comprising 300 males and 300 females) anterioposterior radiographs of the chest with clearly and visibly defined clavicles. Clavicle devoid of fracture, dislocation, tumour and complete ossification were used These radiographs were obtained from the archives of the Radiology Department: University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital and Pixy Diagnostic center all located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Measurements were carried out on light x-ray box. Pencil and metric rule were used in tracing the line. Length of clavicle was measured in millimeters using a horizontal line drawn from the most medial point on the medial border of the sternal end to the most lateral point of the lateral border ofthe acromial end with the help of a meteric rule. The data were analyzed using statistical package for social sciences (IBM® version 23 SPSS, Inc, Chicago, IL). Confidence interval was set at 95% and p-value :S 0.05 was considered significant. The result showed that the maximum length of male right clavicle was 150.57±14.37mm and left was 154.92± 9.83mm. The maximum length for female right clavicle was 137.92±8.76mm and left was 142.44±16.18mm. The length of the clavicle showed statistical significant difference with varying correlating values for males and females (P<0.001). The left clavicles were found to be longer than the right clavicles. Male clavicles were also found to be significantly longer than that of the females. Variations observed in the clavicular osteometry and their lengths are widely used in clavicular surgeries and design of clavicular implant devices.

Key Words: Clavicles, Length, Radiography, Variation

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